227 // Funboys

Time to have proper fun with the perfect selection the great Funboys prepared for our mixtape series.

Funboys is a Norwegian-Australian-Belgian music collaboration born from a mutual penchant for late nights, stiff drinks, bad dance moves, Techno, and Punk.

Eight years ago, the Funboys lads started meeting up in the studio on Friday afternoons with the aim of finishing a baker’s dozen beers as well as an edit that could be played out in the club the very same night. After overcoming their cultural differences and associated language barriers, the natural progression from these humble and beer-battered beginnings was to venture into writing original Funboys material: House and Techno, often rooted in a Punk attitude.

Juno has described the Funboys sound as “impressively madcap” and “inspired lunacy.”

They have released a variety of music on vital labels such as NEIN Records, La Belle Records, Unknown Records, Here To Hell, and Club Sweat, and have tracks coming out in the near future on Calypso Records and Belly Dance Services.

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