244 // Irene Radice

We welcome Italo-Venezuelan DJ and producer Irene Radice to our mixtape series. Have fun with the splendid selection she generously put together for us.

Irene Radice is an Italo-Venezuelan electronic music DJ and producer based in Milan. Irene has composed and played music as a DJ for fashion designers such as Louis Vuitton, Gio Moretti, Fragiacomo, Sephora, Liujo, and for many other important brands such as Sky, Santa Margherita Wines, Martini, Saint-Germain, Unopiu, Cristiano Ronaldo CR7, DS Automobiles, Inter FC, just to name a few.

Always telling a tale, capturing a moment suspended in a timeless joy, synchronized to beats in both past and present. Her work presents a balance between energy and minimalism which reflects a mild and eclectic vision of music in which the ‘quality over quantity’ ideal plays a key role.

Throughout her releases, you can find cosmopolitan, dreamy, minimal house journeys and sweet electronic gems, somewhere rooted between the dark and the light.

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