245 // SAGAN

What a beautiful selection SAGAN prepared for our mixtape series! It's a true musical journey. Have fun!

SAGAN’s universe is a reflection of the past and a window into the future. Her history as a selector goes back to a very early age when she tinkered with the cassette player at home so she could listen over and over again to the gems her parents loved to collect.

The inexhaustible search for answers to the unknown makes her an eclectic and versatile artist. After leaving her studies as a biologist to dedicate herself entirely to music, SAGAN moved to Berlin and decided to make the city her source of constant inspiration.

Her influences range from the ’80s and ’90s Punk to raw drums and playful basses. SAGAN does not hesitate to flirt with Electro, Acid, Disco, House, Techno, Noise, and an endless number of styles of music beyond the barriers of genres.

Her main goal is to break the limits of the obvious and the predictable, create conceptual atmospheres without losing the main focus of playing with minds, and still make everyone dance.

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