246 // Mau Maioli

Rising Brazilian DJ and producer Mau Maioli put together a few tunes for our delight.

Music and Mau Maioli, something that was already predestined, from piano lessons in his childhood to the beginning of his music career in 2011. With only three years on the road, he had already achieved his first DJ residencies; later on, he founded Beat On Me alongside Cris D., the artist who taught him how to play. The energy emanating from the dance floors consumed him completely, but when he saw his studio work getting prominence, his happiness overflowed. Today he has releases on Prisma Techno, Warung Recordings, Young Society Records, and Prototype, with the latter he had the honour of having a remix by Renato Cohen. For Mau Maioli, the world is like a blank canvas begging for art, and he has been colouring it orange, a colour that represents joy, innovation, and vitality.

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