248 // Lisa Cropp

Let's welcome Chilean DJ/producer Lisa Cropp to our mixtape series, shall we?

The musical journey of DJ/producer Lisa Cropp began in her childhood when she studied classical music through the piano. Her heart has always beaten for music, so in 2015 when she landed in Chile, she made the beat of electronic music her rhythm of life with the group “Fonda Mental”.

Her musical adventure has taken her to different parts of the world. In 2018 she created “Austral Kollektiv”, her own brand of electronic music, a mixture of her German-Chilean culture. In the same year, her life journey took her to Colombia, where she created “Casa Nuestra” together with some local artists and a Chilean to make an event in an ancient Masonic temple.

In view of the circumstances in Chile since October 2019, she actively participated in peaceful protests, creating along with other Chilean artists in the compilation “Chile No Esta En Guerra Vol. 1” of Modismo Netlabel.

As her music is connected with her travels, Lisa creates in her sets and productions a mental journey from Micro House, through Minimal, Deep Techno and Techno.

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