249 // Max Buchalik

Awesome selection here, peeps! Frankfurter Max Buchalik put some cosmic vibes together to his appearance on our mixtape series. Enjoy!

Max Buchalik has grown to become a household name in the music scene. The 32-year-old has dedicated himself to electronic music for over 15 years and thus it became the center of his creative life. His sets and his authentic style make seeing him live more than just an experience. “Life without motion is as dull as dancing without music” has become his mantra and the young Frankfurt-born loves to share this notion with his audience. Max is in the perfect spot to deliver his passion to his audience with his two event lines “Klangdynamik” and “Großstadtliebe Open Air” and he has become a strong pillar of the Frankfurt music scene. “Großstadtliebe Open Air”, one of the most popular summer open-air events in the Rhein-Main area, and “KLANGDYNAMIK”, the winter event line that showcases an innovative 3D visual concept with specially built DJ booth constructions. Both franchises are packed with renowned bookings and high-quality music, leading to thousands of people sharing an unforgettable time.

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