254 // Diskontrol

Another solid Mexican artist lands on our mixtape series: Diskontrol prepared a delicious selection for our delight!

Diskontrol is the pseudonym of Fernando Sifuentes, DJ/Producer from the city of Torreón, Mexico. His style is a mix of Disco music, Nu Disco, even Techno with dark touches but without losing the percussive taste that characterizes it.

Currently a member of SunnySunday project and co-founder of the Mexican label Maleante Records, he is also a resident artist at venues such as Salón Sonorama, Santiguo C.S., 71 Sala/Club and Bucareli Art & Club, having also achieved presentations at festivals such as Base 2019 (Tampico), Newara Creel Fest 2018 (Chihuahua), Conecta Expo Art 2016 (Torreón), Mexican Wave 2015 (Monterrey), Santival 2013 (Torreón) and Waco Music Fest 2013 (Torreón).

He has also played in many clubs across the country such as Rhodesia Club Social (Mexico City), Skizzo (Monterrey), Voodo Mama (Puebla), Herr Tlacuache (Oaxaca), just to mention a few. Counting on a “Saka Tour” tour through Costa Rica playing at El Garito Playa, Akian Playa Puntarenas and Club Casa San José in 2017.

Sharing the stage with exponents such as Betoko, Yoko0, Zombies in Miami, Andre Vll, Iñigo Vontier, Thomass Jackson is also a common thing in his career. As a producer, his releases can be found vital on record labels such as Richmerch (México), Maleante Records (México), Malinche (México), Irrelevante (Costa Rica), Clandestinne Music (Chile), ESTHÉTIQUE (France) and Subsonique (France).

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