255 // NODEN

It's Disco time, BEBÊ! British duo NODEN put some tracks together for our mixtape series.

NODEN is a House & Disco duo formed by Ollie Harvey and Dave O’Leary. The collaborators created their NODEN alias in 2019 after being asked to spin some of their record collection on Friday nights in their East London neighbourhood. This proved to be a catalyst for a year that saw their horizons expanding. In 2020 they brought their own uplifting spin on House and Disco Music with the release of their “Skinner EP”. The EP took inspiration from Chicago House alongside mid-noughties Nu Disco. As with all their own releases it was crafted to reflect the kind of driving energetic records that fill their DJ sets. With their “Das Funk” EP due out on Midnight Riot Records in 2021 and several other releases in the pipeline it should be a busy year for them.

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