288 // DJ Braver

DJ Braver is in da house! Check the cool & groovy mixtape he prepared for our series and have fun.

Braver is much more than just a DJ. He meticulously chooses music in the contemporary format of each era in which he lives. His birthday was always the perfect excuse to share with his friends the CDs that he had bought with his savings. From the most underground raves to the most crowded clubs and dance floors, it was where DJ Braver made his place in the local Argentine scene.

His goal has always been to share and generate artistic spaces where the protagonists can converse with the audience in the most faithful way, and thus it was through his platform, Maleza, he managed to generate a space of musical communion and contemporary art. His record label brings together artists from all continents in search of an eclectic and particular sound that transmits the stamp of his party.

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