289 // Kid From Amazon

It is always special to feature an artist from our hometown. And this week, we have TWO incredible "papa-chibés"! The first one is brilliant KID FROM AMAZON.

Since 2014, Kid From Amazon has been sharing his immersive soundscapes in the nightlife scene of the state of Pará, in the North of Brazil, blending organic sounds with synthetic elements and expressing himself through DJ sets, personal productions as well as through original scores for runways and short movies. He played at several festivals throughout the country, such as Voodoohop’s 10 years birthday in Heliodora, São Paulo’s radio Virus and Veneno, as well as the A-mig platform. He contributed to releases on Unsbeat (Nitéroi), Tormenta (São Paulo) and Serever plus the (M)ondes Sonores podcast series by Curuba. Recently, he worked with Festival Amazônia Mapping and Vogue Brasil.

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