294 // Naive

Check this awesome selection Mauro Mart aka Naive prepared for our mixtape series. It's a delight!

Born in the early ’80s in Argentina, Mauro Mart, from the age of 15, began to venture into the world of music, more precisely Post Punk & Psychedelic Rock playing the guitar. At the same time, electronic music was attracting more and more his attention thanks to bands like Joy Division, New Order, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, among others.

After acquiring different sorts of knowledge, such as technical, musical, DJ skills and other attributes that make a level artist, he began to take his first steps in his professional career sharing gigs with great references from the scene such as Adriatique, Audiofly, Lee Buridge, Shall Ocin, Steve Lawler, MANDY and Agoria, just to name a few, giving rise later to a completely different concept to the one usually presented, his alter ego Altair, who had his debut on the club with Acid Pauli, one of the most avant-garde DJs/producers of the global electronic scene, while releasing different tracks on labels like, for instance, Lump Records and Tropical Twista.

After a long period of musical and artistic growth, in which he has experimented with different genres and paths within music, Mauro Mart presents Naive, his new project full of versatility through which he handles different sound resources within a range of styles at times totally opposite but with absolute coherence.

Focused on the present and in the continuous search for new and more versatile horizons, Naive is characterized by sharing music with strong influences of the sound of Psychedelic Disco, Italo Disco, Next Wave Acid Punk, Acid House, Electro plus other diverse genres. His effort to find music that does not have a defined genre was always his particular quality and characteristic, always in search of different musical gems that incorporate a wide variety of music in genres beyond electronic music.

As Naive, he has released music so far on labels such as Sinchi Collective, Lassi International, Audio B Rec, Balkan Connection, 3rd Avenue, and others to come.

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