295 // Tierra De Ovnis

Promising Mexican producer Tierra de Ovnis lands on our mixtape series with an extraterrestrial selection.

Tierra de Ovnis is the new musical project of Jesus Cuevas through which he tries to merge electronic Indie sounds with the energy of the most powerful places on Earth. With more than 10 years in the night music business, under the moniker of previous musical projects like JCL and Digital flowers, he played in festivals like EDC, released on international labels like Frequenza and Piston Recordings, and was also Party Boss producer in Tepoztlan with his CONSTELACION project. All over the years, Tierra de Ovnis has acquired the experience and knowledge to express with his music and show performance the energy to keep people dancing and connecting. Having his music studio in mythologic Tepoztlan, Tierra de Ovnis’ sonority is inspired by the energy and vibes a mountain town naturally gives infusing with the craziest and most advanced electronic sounds you can find imitating the UFOs contacts that are common in the area. In his performances, expect Indie Dance, Electronica, Organic, and Dark Disco influences.

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