297 // noizzed

Brazilian DJ, producer and activist noizzed put together some awesome tunes for our mixtape series.

Noizzed is curious and restless, and with a multi-determined spirit, she lives and breathes music and art.

Despite the prejudice that she faced for being a woman at the beginning of her career, that didn’t stop her from growing and conquering her space. As a result of her hard work, she has been making a living from music for 7 years as a Producer and DJ.

Always looking for authentic and immersive sounds, the DJ presents around 100 copyright songs divided into EPs, albums, and singles. She got support from artists like Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, DJ Mau Mau, Erica, Ella de Vuonno, Martinez Brothers and Peggy Gou.

Fabi Cenci, as she is also known, nurtured the local scene for 5 years with the idealization of various labels. Today, she maintains the Estufa Records project, promoting her academic formation, graphic design, associated with music.

She conceived, initially through the Blak.out label, the TPM project (Todas Pela Música), aiming at women’s empowerment and visibility in the electronic scene. The TPM project lives and reigns today from the feminist speech and struggle faced by all the women in the movement. Furthermore, noizzed carries the name of ‘BATEU’, an LGBTQ+ label that she acts as a resident DJ and as a staff in creative.

Noizzed, or Fabi, as you pleased, is driven by constant evolution, projecting in a fluid and positive way, the essence that lives and believes in music.

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