308 // Kriz LaFraize

Frankfurt-based artist Kriz LaFraize joins our mixtape series with a too-hot-to-handle selection! Check it out!

“The greatest gift I want to give to my audience is the feeling of joy, happiness and a moment of dreaming” – introduces native Kyrgyz DJ/ producer Kriz LaFraize. Bringing together deep groove, hypotonic melodies, organic rhythms, perfectly mixed with electronic beats and experimental spice is what her approach is about.

Kriz LaFraize intuitively steps in between different beats, from downbeat to techno, genres, worlds, cultures to share the momentum and stimulate reflection through irritation. The DJ/ producer has already spun records at various events worldwide.

She encourages people to cross borders, connect contrasts, forget about the differences and opposites to give the audience the full experience of empowering adventure and discovery.

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