309 // TANK Kollektiv

Reyk & Joris Heijkant aka TANK Kollektiv prepared a hellish selection for our mixtape series.

TANK Kollektiv is a project founded by Joris Heijkant and Reyk to express and share the love for electronic music through podcasts and the promotion of small-scale events. Their weekly podcast TANK Radio has a strong focus on Dark Disco and closely related genres. In addition to the residents of TANK Kollektiv, inspiring artists from all over the world are invited to share their take on electronic music.

Reyk finds inspiration in (Dark) Disco, Trance, House and everything in-between. Synth-heavy floor fillers and sweeping basslines are his favourite ingredients. Whereas Joris Heijkant finds a balance between heavy-hitting synth music and genres such as Electronica, Dark Disco and Kraut. He often carries arpeggios and some dance floor curveballs in his toolbox!

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