310 // Marc Gonen

Turkish DJ & producer Marc Gonen aka Gøne lands on our mixtape series with a groovy and reinvigorating selection.

Marc Gonen aka Gøne is a producer and DJ from Istanbul, Turkey. Having crafted his own multi-genre “deep” sound, Marc has managed to land releases on labels such as Clipp.art, Vinyl On Demand, Musica Cavernicola, and Pieces of Life, gaining support from high-profile artists such as Pete Tong, &ME, Adam Port, Rampa, Dennis Cruz, and more. “Distance”, one of the tracks he released, found its place in the “Essential Mix” program of Pete Tong on “BBC Radio 1”. The track was played by the Keinemusik crew on BBC Radio 1 and was released on their Vinyl On Demand label.

In a short time, The “Inside” EP he produced was released on the Australian record label Clipp.art and the following EP, “Tides”, was released on Ladino Romance label with a Local Suicide’s remix. After these releases, the next single, “Passion Symphony”, found its home on the Pieces of Life’s “Masterpieces” compilation series.

In October 2021, another Spanish label, Musica Cavernicola, released the “Open Invitation” EP with a remix by Rotten City owner Alvaro Cabana. Up to present, Gerd Janson, Roman Flügel, &ME, Adam Port, DJ T., Unders, Tunnelvisions, Stavroz, David Mayer, Noema, Sabo, Till Von Sein, and Goldcap are some of the names that he performed with in many events at some of the most popular underground clubs in his home country such as Klein Phönix, Sumahan, Kastel, Klein Garten, Minimuzikhol , Sommer Klein and Fırın.

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