315 // Anne Karmané

We love to find hidden artists and bring their music to our platform: Meet Anne Karmané, an excellent German selector who prepared an ace mixtape for our series.

In science, the so-called “Karman Line” describes the edge of space: Anne Karmané takes us on her trip into space. Her common sound hovers somewhere in the sphere between Indie Dance, Dark Disco, Retrowave and trancy House. 80s vibes, vocals and synthesizers are her world.

In the summer of 2019, Anne Karmané started DJing after dreaming and talking about it for many years. One day she just did it and it went fast: In 2020 she had her first gigs, podcasts, and livestreams. In 2021 she already played over 20 official gigs across Germany, her first small festival and became part of the Nuremberg collective Hertz & Seele. This year there are already a lot of things coming up – stay tuned!

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