350 // Eileen

Our 350th episode was made with love by rising Frankfurt-based selector Eileen. Have fun! 🥳

It has not been that long ago that Eileen started her career. But since the beginning, she has been considered one of the most promising talents in Frankfurt. With gigs at some of the coolest spots in town, such as Shuka Bar, Ima Rooftop, AMP, Silbergold, and Listener, her sonority develops itself through a broad amount of House Music encompassing as many sub-genres as possible and is mainly influenced by the likes of Francesco Del Garda, DMX Krew, and Le Loup, just to name a few.

Despite being relatively new in the scene, she has already started throwing her own club night: Amore Collab has the goal of trying to bring a bit of musical variation to Frankfurt.

“My motivation is to build a space for everyone who just wants to have a great time, fun, and dance. Always looking forward to playing the next time and curious about what will happen in the future”, she said.

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