351 // Adriana Roma

The selection rising Mexican producer, DJ, and promoter Adriana Roma (WOMXN) assembled will put a big smile on your face!

With almost 10 years of career, Roma’s personal project explores House, Deep House, Afro House, Indie Dance, Techno, and progressive, mastering long mixes and bright, soulful melodies and mind-blowing rhythms to genuinely connect with his audience. Adriana creates an atmosphere combining genres and subgenres, each presentation is the result of a well-studied dance floor.

In 2015, her first single “Keep the beat” opened the doors to certain corners of the Mexican national scene. In 2019, through B + Music, she gives us her first album of remixes “It’s a story” on which she invites her colleagues to collaborate, creating a 4-track piece. Co-founder of WOMXN and a key player in the exhibition of female talent in Mexico, Adriana remains updated within the electronic scene.

In 2020, she performs for the first time at the Bahidorá Festival, opening the Sound signature showcase, led by Theo Parrish.

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