353 // Futuristant

Ciao! Skilled Italian DJ and producer Futuristant put some tracks together for us. Take a peek!

In the late 2018 Christian decides to start a new adventure and he creates Futuristant, a solo project made to experiment with different sounds and contrasting influences that he feels to belong. His first release “Future Dance”, on the independent label Encants Records, is a big success and gets him quickly into a wider audience. Played by Solomun all over the year, the track has been in Top 100 Beatport for more than 9 months.

From there all goes downhill, a lot of releases in labels like Ombra International, Roam Recordings, Aeon Audio, Rotten City, NEIN, until he arrives at the legendary Bordello a Parigi. In such a short time his music has been supported, charted, and played by artists like Solomun, The Economist, Rufus Du Sol, WhoMadeWho, Curses, and many others.

Futuristant is an alchemist, and his productions are a real melting pot of nostalgic influences, he doesn’t limit himself in just one style but always maintains that retro futuristic touch that makes his sonority recognizable.

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