354 // Sylphomatic

Before our deserved holidays, we leave you the outstanding selection the Belgian duo Sylphomatic kindly prepared for our delight.

Drawing from their passion for clubbing, Sylphomatic add a shamanic and cosmic dimension to the mix. These modern-day dance floor gurus want to take you on a love-bound, trancelike journey. Late 2019, this Brussels-based duo decided to combine all their favourite flavours of electronic music with a trippy vibe. Absorbing sounds from every corner of the world, specifically vanguard artists such as Rebolledo and the international Dark Disco scene, the two old pals started creating dance music that would speak to the universe.

From there, things moved fast. Famed Belgian DJ and producer The Magician took them under his wing, adding his production touch to their debut EP before signing the same year on NEIN and Logia Records for three more EPs. Because they remain DJs at heart, Sylphomatic continue meanwhile to create hour-long tribute mixes to their favourite artists, aptly titled Sylphomix.

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