355 // Dawit Cieo

We kick off the 2023 Season of our Mixtape Series with the rising & shining Frankfurt-based DJ and producer Dawit Cieo (Freud). Check it out!

Dancers can always be sure of one thing when listening to Dawit Cieo: it will be a fun dance experience. He blends a variety of genres in his DJ sets, which are influenced by Disco & Soul and range from powerful House and Acid to bumping Detroit Techno.

Dawit is a local newcomer DJ and resident at the famous Freud Club in Frankfurt. With a unique and energetic style, he has been captivating audiences at clubs and events across the city with his dynamic and high-energy sets.

Don’t sleep on him and have an eye open for his next moves, since he is also a producer and there are many unreleased tracks, waiting to be heard by the world and many more are in the making!

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