361 // Ludmila Fuks

Argentinean DJ and producer Ludmila Fuks has definitely an interesting story to tell us via the powerful selection she kindly prepared for us.

Ludmila Fuks, originally from La Plata, currently resides in CABA, Argentina. She started her music career as a producer in 2020, with releases on the emerging Mexican label Kyma Komplex and the established Argentinean platform Logia. With a background in live and hybrid sets, she recently started exploring the DJ format. He finds strong inspiration in Indie Rock and Experimental Music. Having an aesthetic influenced by the dark atmospheres of Techno, Ludmila has a personal proposal that finds its place in the Indie Dance genre, adding acid textures and percussive elements. Her academic background is in Political Science and she is currently a PhD student in Philosophy, so she combines both fields to propose a common point between dance and thought.

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