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362 // Alexander Robotnick

Ladies & Gentlemen: Maestro Alexander Robotnick.

Maurizio Dami aka Alexander Robotnick is a DJ and a producer from Italy who gained a vast reputation in the early 80s with his track “Problèmes d’amour” released by Sire-Wea which soon became a “cult” within dance music. In the 90s he was very active on the world-music scene but went back to electronics at the beginning of the new millennium. In 2003 he started his career as an international DJ and since then has been playing in major cities in Europe and the U.S. at famous clubs such as Ministry of Sound, Fabric and Plastic People in London, Coral Room and Love in NYC, Razzmatazz, Olympia and Be Cool in Barcelona, Sky Bar and Smart Bar in Chicago, Berghain in Berlin, Paradiso in Amsterdam…. the list is long.

He played at many electronic music festivals such as Movement Festival (Detroit), Exit Festival (Serbia), Insonnia (Tromzo), Geek Picnick Festival (Moscow), Dimension Festival (Croatia), Altavoz (Medellin) Reverso (Milan) Lente Kabinet (Amsterdam) Glitch Festival (Malta) Biennale Musica (Venice), Electro-Mechanica (St. Petersburg), Dekmantel (Amsterdam)… just to mention a few.

His records are released by many labels including SIRE/WEA, Materiali Sonori, Yellow Production, Creme Organization, Permanent Vacation, Hot Banana, This Is Music, Clone Records, Bordello a Parigi, and Bosconi Records, for instance. Since 2003, he’s been running his own label: Hot Elephant Music. He remixed tracks by Detroit Grand Pubahs, Giorgio Moroder, Robosonic, Kompute, Little Boots, David Carretta, Planet Funk, Bottin, and Fabrizio Mammarella… just to mention a few.

He gained a reputation also as a video maker. His odd and funny video clips got more than 4 million views on Youtube.

His DJing style covers different genres of dance music: New-Disco, Italo-Disco, Tech-House, Electro-House etc. With Ludus Pinsky he started the project “The Analog Session”. Their most popular video clip “N5 From Outer Space” reached more than 1,5 million views.

Maurizio Dami lives in Firenze (Italy). He owns a basement studio–apartment in town where he spends all his time when in Firenze. The rest of the time he spends at the seaside in South Tuscany or in Sri Lanka/India during the winter. He is still performing live concerts and DJ-Sets, but since he is a bit old, he is limiting his activity. He uses to play DJ-Sets in India during the winter. During the period 2015-2020, he travelled by motorbike through many South Indian states taking shots. His work as a video maker can be seen on the author’s channel: India Through My Eyes.

Maurizio is doing quite well despite the ailments due to his age, 72. And he owns all things he needs, including a studio, car, bicycle, and some cash. He has a long-term love affair with Donatella. They are celebrating 22 years of not-marriage right now. He still enjoys his work in the studio as he did at the beginning of his career, and this is very important. So, life should be easy for him. Unfortunately, the present geo-political situation makes him very concerned and also disappointed with the new generations who seem not to understand or care about what is happening and why.

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