364 // Ansonica

Eclectic and vibrant, the best qualifiers to define Ansonica's selection for our mixtape series. Have fun!

Ansonica is an Italian deejay based in Berlin.

Obsessed with disco music since she was a kid, thanks to the influence of her mother she literally grew up with spaghetti and Italo disco. She spent several years following closely the club scene in Italy, working as DJ Host and PR at Ribbon Club Culture in Central Italy until she moved to Berlin in 2015.

After a long time of being only in the “backstage”, she has decided to start playing and creating her own “colourful” and authentic music style fully shaped by her taste and personality mixing Hi-NRG Disco with diverse House and Electronic vibes.

She has been playing regularly in Berlin in clubs like Kitkat, Bulbul, Klunkerkranich, Oxi, and Ava Club, to name a few, with Disco Bizarre and Toytonics crews. Her mission is to make Disco glamorous and exciting again and bring the dancers on a fresh, sweaty, fun, and always a “little bit Italian” journey.

She is a member of female:pressure, a transnational online database and network of women, AFAB, transgender, transfeminine, transmasculine, intersex [+gender optional], genderqueer, gender nonconforming, a-gender and/or non-binary DJs, musicians, composers, producers, visual artists, agents, journalists and researchers working in the realms of electronic music and visual arts.

She has launched her own party series in Berlin all focused on musical and social diversity and inclusivity joining forces with other FLINTA artists.

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