365 // Ceyda Yagiz

What a beautiful selection Ceyda Yagiz prepared for us. Intensity and eclecticism set the tone.

Ceyda Yagiz is a filmmaker whose passion for music and dancing led her to start playing at parties and clubs. From Istanbul and currently based in Paris, in ’21 she became a team member and a resident DJ of the Parisian party line La Culottée.

She prefers to travel between genres with a diverse selection of Acid, House, Wave, Leftfield & Techno to offer an authentic ride. She is constantly digging for music that inspires her. Ceyda loves dancing and daydreaming at the same time, she hopes partygoers can experience the same during her sets and let their freak flag fly. She played at Jerusalem’s Pergamon Club, Istanbul’s Arkaoda and Gizli Bahçe, Berlin’s Renate, Paris’s La Station – Gare des Mines and Cabaret Sauvage to name a few.

She has a monthly show on Dia! Radio airing from the southwest of France where you can catch her every third Tuesday of the month.

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