379 // Roliva

Young. Skilled. Rising. Mexican virtuoso Roliva made a super cool mixtape for us. Have fun!

In the midst of the great heat of the city of Culiacán, the electronic sound that emerges at night has been taking diverse and stimulating forms thanks to the work of a group of young musicians. What happens in a place that seeks to escape from the dangers born of violence through creativity and dance? A group of boys seeks to create another possible perspective by feeling the harmony and vibrations of electronic music.

One of them is ROLIVA, a musical project by Ricardo Oliva, who has become a benchmark for electronic music in northern Mexico and the Sinaloan capital and has attracted the attention of pioneers of the genre such as Alexander Robotnick and innovators such as Justin Robertson. His music intervened with remixes by significant artists from the acclaimed Indie Dance/Dark Disco scene such as Damon Jee, Simple Symmetry, Alejandro Molinari, and Cabizbajo.

This is thanks to the multiple recordings that have been published through national and international record labels such as Duro, La Volta Ros, Roam, Night Noise, Dogs & Vultures, Nein, and NATIVO, his own insignia where together with his colleagues they provide a safe space for artists from the region and promote a new perspective of it.

Coming from the tradition of playing in Punk band projects, Roliva found in electronic music an opportunity to continue exploring the world musically speaking. The artist’s sound takes many different forms that make his recordings and presentations a great experience, oscillating between nods to Disco, euphoria, dance, acid, and even the most intense and psychedelic sounds.

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