381 // Bini_Mint

Meet Bini_Mint, a promising German selector who has gathered a few gems for our mixtape series.

Bini_Mint became an electronic music lover at the tender age of 12. She got her sister’s old House CDs as gifts and thus got access to a vast archive of French House. The more she listened, the more she got involved with it. One can say that House Music was the first genre that Bini dealt with intensively. Then came Trance and Techno. Since she was 20, she mainly listens to House, Disco, Indie Dance, Dark House, Melodic House, and Melodic Techno. In 2019, she first came into contact with DJing through a friend and bought her first controller. Visiting clubs (especially Robert Johnson in Offenbach) and listening to sets of her favourite DJs, collecting records, and DJ mixing on her own at home or radio shows and small parties are great hobbies of hers. That’s how things start, isn’t it?

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