406 // Phoebe

This beautiful selection made with love by Phoebe is pure bliss! Enjoy!

As an absolute music aficionado, it was inevitable that Phoebe would eventually take her place behind the DJ decks. Her journey into the realm of spinning records began where her passion for eclectic sounds first took root – amidst the raw and emotive energy of Psychedelic Rock, Indie and the defiant edge of Post-Punk. Yet, it was her serendipitous plunge into the dynamic world of Leipzig’s club scene that truly shaped her musical destiny. Here, she discovered a vibrant tapestry of Garage House and Disco, genres that spoke to her soul and compelled her to blend, mix, and share her findings with the world.

By 2019, Phoebe had transformed from an observer of musical culture to an active participant, wielding her records and playlists like an artist with a palette of endless colors. Her affiliation with the Vacanza Kollektiv not only gave her a platform but also a family of fellow music enthusiasts, each contributing to the rich, diverse soundscape that defines their collective presence in the scene.

Phoebe’s DJ sets are more than just music; they are an experience, a journey through time and sound. With each performance, she invites her audience to embark on a voyage from the nostalgic depths of Disco to the soul-shaking bass lines of Funk, and into the heart of pulsating Garage House. Her unique ability to weave together tracks from disparate genres into a cohesive, immersive experience has made her a beloved figure on the dance floor.

Her influence and reputation have led her to grace the stages of some of Leipzig’s most iconic venues, including Elipamanoke, Conne Island, IFZ, Mjut, and the renowned Tarmac Festival. In these spaces, Phoebe doesn’t just play music; she crafts moments, creating the soundtrack for sunrises and heartbeats, for new friendships and old memories. As she continues to evolve and explore the vast universe of music, one thing remains clear: Phoebe is not just a DJ; she’s a musical storyteller, guiding her listeners through the night and into the dawn with a promise of something magical at every turn.

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