407 // Nat SuPrise

Let's go Techno with Nat SuPrise, shall we?

Natalia was born in the vibrant metropolis of Berlin. Dancing and music were constant companions in her life. However, she embarked on her professional journey as a model and actress, which provided her with the opportunity to explore the world. It was only upon her return that she rediscovered her true passion for music.

Since then, she has secured a firm place as a DJ in the Berlin Party scene, renowned for her captivating and energetic DJ sets that span a wide spectrum of genres, but specializing in Acid Techno. Also clubs around the world and festivals regularly book her for their events.

In parallel with her role as a DJ, Natalia has rekindled her love for music production. After having written and sung lyrics for various productions in earlier years, she released her first original electronic music in 2023. Further releases and her own events are planned for this year.

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