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412 // Blutch

You should add Blutch to your "artists to watch" list. The respected French virtuoso finally lands on our mixtape series with an eclectic and cosmic selection.

Revealed in 2014 by Astropolis and the Transmusicales, producer Blutch is one of the most talented young electronic artists of his generation. His debut album ‘Terre Promise’, released on Astropolis Records, is the best proof of it. This homage to his native land, Brittany, takes the form of suave, generous electronic music, in weightlessness between electronica, IDM, breakbeat, UK garage and house. On stage, this manifesto takes on its full dimension with a fabulous live AV, in collaboration with motion designer Romain Navier, who accompanies him with a captivating visual fable that has enchanted the stages of the Bout du Monde festival, Panoramas, SEW, Petit Bain and made stopovers in the Philippines, Santo Domingo and Romania.

His meticulous, textured production work, honing a singular trademark over the years, has explored a whole palette of electronic music: contemporary disco beats, abstract hip-hop, soulful house. His compositions, often melancholic, bring him close to artists such as Rone, Four Tet and Bicep.

Today, the young Breton can boast remixes from Michael Mayer, Terrence Parker, Mézigue, Jennifer Cardini & Damon Jee, Maud Geffray or Lauer, and the support of media such as Resident Advisor, XLR8R, Télérama, Tsugi, Trax or Radio Nova, as well as his peers, from Laurent Garnier to Tom Trago.

2023 marks a new turning point for Blutch with the release of ‘Condate’. A four-track EP on which the producer reaffirms his signature style and sharp production sense, and includes a remix by the Brussels-based Azo.

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