413 // Ludviq

Bonkers's big honcho finally embarks on our spaceship! Ludviq, ladies & gentlemen!

Ludviq is the project of Luis Fernando, born in Guadalajara, MX, now based in Barcelona, Catalunya. DJ, Sound Designer & Producer of Electronic Music since 2016, with influences like Psychedelic, Italo, Post Punk, Indie, Breaks, Disco, and EBM. He is also the founder of the prolific record label Bonkers since 2018.

Along his journey, Ludviq’s music has been released on some labels around the globe like: Playground, Bonkers, Side Up Works, Belly Dance Services, Melomana, Kyma Komplex, Sonido Moderna, NEIN, Quixotical, Séptimo Sello, A.R.E., Esthétique, Maleante, Odd Pleasures, Golden Soul, HEARec, Controlla, U’re Guay, Xpress, Logia, and more to come…

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