415 // Josiane

Meet Josiane, a rising & shining Congo-born, Germany-based DJ, and her flawless House-meets-Techno sonority.

Josiane, born in Kinshasa, DR Congo, and raised in Bielefeld, now resides in Berlin, where she thrives as a designer, creative, and DJ. Her fascination with electronic music began during her teenage years and deepened through her experiences clubbing in the German capital. Driven by a love for electronic music, particularly Lo-Fi House, and a desire to share this passion on the dance floor, she started DJing. Her journey commenced with a beginner’s workshop at Refuge Worldwide, led by Sara Farina.

Josiane’s musical style is characterized by groovy House tracks. Her selections aim to take listeners on a musical mood journey, making them dance and enjoy themselves to the fullest. She enjoys playing subgenres of House such as Leftfield, Deep, and Progressive, mixed with Melodic Techno tracks.

Through her monthly radio show “Private Paradise” on komrad.net, Josiane explores how to blend different sounds and subgenres of House and Techno. In 2022, she co-founded “What A Playground” with Lena Brecht. This collective aims to provide a platform for new DJs to play their first sets and supports various organizations through fundraising events.

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