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Kate Pending turned her brilliant "Pigmented Reality" into a brilliant mixtape. Savour the moment!

Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Kate Pending is an enigmatic artist whose lifelong love for electronic music and synthesizers has shaped her unique sound. Immersed in the vibrant underground scene, Kate has meticulously honed her craft, mastering the art of music production with Ableton Live.

On May 3rd, 2024, Kate released her debut full-length album, “Pigmented Reality,” a 12-track record that showcases her artistic versatility, craftsmanship and ability to create intricate and emotive soundscapes. The album blends various genres, including breakbeat, deep house, techno, drum n bass and downtempo, all infused with an electropop slant. Her sound is characterized by a fusion of ethereal and gritty elements, melodic sequences, and rhythmic complexities.

The album’s palette can be likened to an eclectic blend of influences, from ethereal vibes similar to Elder Island and Little Dragon to deeper electronic tones like Christian Löffler and Jacob Groening. There are many parallels that can be drawn with Kate’s sound, which in essence speaks to the level of electronic sophistication the package offers. Whilst some tracks bring an element of edgy, synth-driven energy, others take a more progressive or laid-back route creating a fusion of genres that Kate Pending navigates with finesse.

Kate has collaborated with notable producers and remixers, including Berlin-based Iron Curtis and VOID LOOP ( ), who contributed remixes to her debut album. Additionally, she released the song “White Rabbit feat. Grimes AI” with the artist Grimes’s team, where an AI vocal generator was used to augment the lyrics to create a Grimes-like sound. This track showcases her interest in the evolving landscape of music technology while maintaining the human touch in her creations.

Kate’s innovative approach to music production and her debut album have garnered attention in the electronic music community. Currently residing in Berlin, Kate continues to produce music, contributing to the vibrant electronic music scene in the city. She is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of electronic music and exploring new creative possibilities.

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