001 // Günce Aci – Villanelle (Leonor Cosmic Remix)

Released on the vital French label ESTHÉTIQUE, Günce Acı's "Villanelle" received a powerful remix by Leonor.

For our first premiere, we have the pleasure of featuring Günce Aci, a DJ and producer from Istanbul, Turkey, whose influences encompass a wide range of artists, such as İlhan Mimaroğlu, Led Zeppelin, Die Wilde Jagd, Massive Attack, Nicolas Jaar, just to name a few. The latter, by the way, is directly responsible for the creation of the original track whose solid remix by Leonor we chose to review: “I went to see Nicolas Jaar performance for the third time, and it was really inspiring. He presented more experimental sounds than before and, after the show, I made “Villanelle”. That performance absorbed me for a while”, Günce said.

Regarding the remix, according to Leonor, a Mexican DJ and producer based in France, “the creative process is very easy when you get a good original to work on, Günce Aci is a very talented producer and she made a killer original. From my part, I wanted to go back to my Techno roots, so I wanted to add more dark and industrial sounds to this remix but, at the same time, keep the cosmic trip”.

And what a trip, ladies and gentlemen! Günce Aci’s Villanelle (Leonor Cosmic Remix), with its oriental atmosphere combined with acid and percussive elements, is a true journey through the unusual hotchpotch of so many musical influences of these great artists and another strong release on the impressive French label ESTHÉTIQUE.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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