004 // Tiempo De Maldad – El Diablo

Tiempo de Maldad's forthcoming release on Controlla is a must-have!

Roy Parra (Tiempo de Maldad), a Mexican Techno and Dark Disco producer, releases “El Diablo” inspired by Mexico’s retro cinema golden age. The vocal – “Yo soy el Diablo, Compadre” (“I am the Devil, pal”) – was sampled from the Mexican movie “La Oveja Negra”, released in 1949.

After watching that movie, the Mexican audio engineer Jonathan De La Peña was fooling around with the funny chat of the 2 drunk characters starring that movie, which ended inspiring Tiempo de Maldad for this track.

“El Diablo”, with its retro-style atmosphere, Latin percussion and dark synths, was recorded fully analogically and played live – except for the use of drum machine – featuring Aldo Max with his crazy piano and sophisticated sax skills. Furthermore, it was mixed by Febe Esquerra and mastered by Ali X, one of the honchos behind the always startling label Controlla.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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