005 // MAN2.0 – Guttersnipe

MAN2.0 makes his debut on the promising Dogmatraxxx, a new label curated by Csk.

When you think Mark Bailey aka Man2.0 could not go more acid, his new release on the emergent label Dogmatraxxx proves you wrong. “Guttersnipe”, the title track of this EP, “is a piece inspired by how we perceive social classes” nowadays, according to Mark. You can more clearly notice this reference if you are familiar with the meaning of the word guttersnipe: a child who spends most of the time in the streets, especially in a slum area, brought up in squalor. “It’s a tune which salutes people who are not normally listened to”, he adds.

Regarding the main influences Mark used to produce the EP, he states that he was listening to a lot of new Electro stuff at the time, mostly from Jensen Interceptor and The Hacker. Influences more than enough to explain why Mark explored even more his acid side. The title track, specifically speaking, is the one you can notice Man2.0’s inspirational sources in a more distinct way. They were expertly used to blur the boundaries between Electro and Techno, blending breakbeats with 4/4s, topped with vibrant acid lines, groovy bass riffs, fast-paced hats and robotic vocal samples. “Guttersnipe” is definitely a banger! Trust blindly on it to put some fire on the dance floor.

And kudos to Mark for bringing such a powerful message through his music.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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