007 // BadWolf & Sergio Ruiz – Hipnótico

We have the privilege of premiering the new release by BadWolf & Sergio Ruiz on NUFF MUSIC.

Created by the Mexican duo BadWolf & Sergio Ruiz, “Hipnótico” is an obscure and slow theme focused mainly on bringing seamlessly together Techno and Dark Disco elements. According to the lads themselves, the track was made on a grey and cloudy day, which may have helped it comes out with gloomy nuances and hypnotic atmospheres. Filled with lyrics inspired by human choices how the past always impacts the future and how that leads us to make decisions based on all the things we live every day, “Hipnótico” is a perfect tune to be used in that part of a DJ set in which you intend to keep the crowd hooked to the kind of trip only electronic music can provide.

In their first work together, BadWolf & Sergio Ruiz demonstrate a promising affinity, exploring their multiple influences and applying refined producing techniques in order to create something that brings exactly what we expect from the new generation of artists: freshness and innovation. The bouncing bassline, the ethereal pads and the aforementioned lyrics are the strongest elements of this piquant track.

With this EP, NUFF MUSIC reaches its fourth release. Everything they have published so far has grabbed our attention, and we are very glad for premiering something from this vital Mexican label on our platform.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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