009 // Radial Gaze – Sui Generis Nomen (Original Mix)

Our new premiere is a proper banger: Radial Gaze meets ESTHÉTIQUE Records and the result is definitely something!

The boys of Radial Gaze, a spicy electronic project based in St. Petersburg, Russia, make their debut on the outstanding label ESTHÉTIQUE RECORDS. Their sonority flirts with live percussions and native vocals, and the result is a colourful and enticing combination of their different and mutual influences.

“We tried to convey the complexity of the soundscape that surrounds us every day but made it so simple that you can catch this scale looking at the sun in the neck of an empty bottle”, said the lads themselves to describe “Sui Generis Nomen”, the track we chose to premiere, whose main characteristic is the large infusion of oriental elements.

The thumping atmosphere the tune inflicts through its lively percussion and shamanic aura is probably going to take you to hidden places in your mind. The trip established by the trance mood tends to be agitated, though. It will be hard merely to close your eyes and enjoy the tour, because “Sui Generis Nomen” is not intended to create this kind of reaction. Its goal is to make you reach a level of reverie that is only achieved through dancing and sweating hard.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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