011 // Chinosynth – Pulso (Diaz Tech Remix)

The promising CHINOSYNTH - remixed by the one & only Diaz Tech - makes his debut on the up-and-coming Mexican label Rumba Bisnes Music.

The promising Mexican label Rumba Bisnes Music debuts on our platform with its fourth release. Featuring the young local talent CHINOSYNTH, PULSO EP brings two originals and two remixes that will definitely put the label in your favourites list.

We chose to premiere the remix by our long-time friend and collaborator Diaz Tech, another solid Mexican DJ and producer who has been dragging the attention of artists and labels from all over the world due to his well-crafted and skilled solo releases.

Diaz was invited to make this remix not only because of his talent but also for the musical affinity he and CHINOSYNTH share, something that definitely makes the work much easier, we would say. “‘Pulse’ is a track that I loved very much. Its classic sounds, arpeggios and melodies are very consistent with what I like to work. It was very fun to put together this remix, in which I decided to apply my strongest and darkest style, giving it a bass with a greater punch plus energetic and acidic analog sounds”, said Diaz Tech.

We dare to say this is only the beginning of an up-and-coming partnership that will surely bring a number of substantial collaborations: “We continue working on more songs together, both remixes and originals, which will soon be on the most popular platforms”, added the lads.

The dance floor will thank you, guys!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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