012 // K-Effect – R.E.M. Phase

Our first premiere of an independent release comes from the one & only K-Effect.

Close your eyes. It is time to sleep and dream vividly. K-Effect’s latest independent release on Bandcamp is definitely not a lullaby, but it will bring you good sensations when you reach your state of suspension of consciousness. The 100-bpm mode will guide you through the reverie this solid track intends to establish. And despite its obscurity, R.E.M. Phase is not supposed to bring you nightmares. Its darkness is groovy and far from being scary.

K-Effect is an acclaimed Spanish artist. His productions – both originals and remixes – can be found in many important labels, such as ESTHÉTIQUE, Nuff Music, Ombra, tici taci, Nein, Logical, CSK:Beat and Roam, just to name a few. And if we make a list of the releases for which he was responsible for the mastering, it will be endless.

Let’s get back to the review, shall we? R.E.M. Phase is a perfect tune for a mixtape or for a warmup. Its atmospheric attitude is perfectly topped with airy vocals, trippy synth riffs and a nifty bassline. The jazzy drum fills are something we cannot forget to mention. They definitely bring an upbeat spirit to this beautiful tune.

Sweet dreams!

Not available for purchase anymore! :~)

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