017 // K-Effect – Hidden Lyrics (Los Fugazzi Remix)

K-Effect remixed by Los Fugazzi on the debut release of Lumineux Records. What a great start!

The prolific Spanish DJ, producer and audio engineer K-Effect strikes again! His new adventure, this time released on the new and promising label Lumineux Records, brings remixes by our dear Shubostar (SXDNS042) and the lively duo Los Fugazzi. The Mexican lads, showing up for the first time on our platform, have already left us looking forward to their next appearance.

When we received the file to review, we imagined that their task must have been a little bit tricky: On one hand, the high quality of the original track must have facilitated their job. On the other, the high quality of the original track must have hampered their job. As we suspected, the former prevailed. It’s about the Los Fugazzi we are talking, for God’s sake! No challenge is no match for them!

By the way, we had the pleasure of having a small chat with the boys and talking about this new work: “After taking a year break to focus on our personal projects, we managed to work for this remix. The original track had its own unique cosmic vibe, which made it easier for us the whole process. We tried to focus on emulating our own sound again. Since we’ve been working on our own, this was an obstacle. We went back, listened to our sounds, synths, percussions and tried to emulate them. The result was as expected, a chuggy cosmic remix, without going to a dark, simple track”, they said.

A beautiful interpretation of another solid work by our K-Effect. A collaboration that we expect to happen again with no tardiness. A magnificent synth disco-ish tune devoted to taking us to a long journey deep into that very spot in which only good music reaches and makes us whisper to ourselves: “Oh, yes, right there, that’s it!”. The list of compliments can keep going, but we imagined you have already got it.

You can find this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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