016 // Shubostar – The Orion Loop (K-Effect Remix)

Shubostar’s latest release on uju Records remixed by K-Effect. It’s something, isn’t it?

Named after the soviet movie The Orion Loop, a 1980 Soviet science fiction film directed by Vasily Levin, the latest release by Shubostar on her own label, the promising Uju Records, delivers a true zero-gravity experience. Both the original and the remix – the latter provided by K-Effect – establish the intended retro-futuristic aura of the EP.

In the movie, “Orion Loop” is the name of a phenomenon that occurs at the boundary of the Solar System and is described as a powerful radiation that emanates and drives the astronauts insane. We can honestly say the remix provokes very similar consequences. We got crazy when we listened to it for the first time!

K-Effect, a strong collaborator of our platform, who is also responsible for the mastering of both tunes of The Orion Loop, provided a mind-boggling and dazzling interpretation. His “magic touch” is perceived when his already characteristic throbbing bassline makes its appearance after an obscure and gloomy introduction. Ethereal and psychedelic pads, trippy and hazy arpeggio lines plus distorted and blurry synthesizer layers furnish the space tone of the track. We cannot fail to mention the jazzy drum fills (another striking feature of some of K-Effect’s most recent productions) and sci-fi influenced FXs as charming elements of his version.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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