028 // GUYD – Pursuit (Günce Aci Remix)

What an incredible remix by Günce Acı from one of the tracks of the newest release of GUYD on ESTHÉTIQUE. Check it out!

GUYD is an electronic music producer from France. After extensive musical experimentations, he starts sharing his music in 2016, and released his first EP in 2018 on the label Csk:Beat, one of our favourites, by the way. He lands now on the acclaimed – and also a favourite – ESTHÉTIQUE with his “Show Me EP”, a six-track music journey with three originals and three remixes provided by Back From The Wave, Corresponsal and Günce Aci (SXDNS129).

It was hard to pick just one track to premiere, but we did it! And the chosen one – the remix by our dear Günce – is definitely one of the highlights of “Show Me”. The Istanbul-based DJ/producer has been spinning in many clubs, venues and festivals in the Turkish underground music scene since 2014. Influenced by Indie Dance, New Wave, Electronica and Leftfield, she makes her debut as a remixer with a solid interpretation of “Pursuit”, clearly using a lot of such influences: “I just listened (the original) once and the bassline hooked me. I wanted to give more tempo and add some spacey and weird things that I like. (…) The whole EP is dope with its originals and remixes, and I am really glad to be a part of it”, she said.

In both the original and the remix, “Pursuit” places us in a futuristic world, where violence and chaos are everywhere. A track heavy, where knocking sounds take you out of your tranquillity, to immerse yourself in a dangerous chase, full of adrenalin, seeking escape from evil, according to GUYD. Embrace the darkness and that you may succeed in your getaway!

Special credits to K-Effect Mastering (Toledo, Spain).

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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