027 // Double Meaning – Aceite De Mi Trailer (Kitschy Kitsch Remix)

Another premiere to the almighty Controlla: Check Kitschy Kitsch's remix for Double Meaning's forthcoming EP on the Mexican powerhouse!

The review on this track could be simply: Controlla did it again. Period! But let’s stick with the longer version, shall we?

Double Meaning is “the situation in which a word or phrase has two different, often opposite, meanings”. In this case, it represents the partnership between Los Angeles-based Suli Velasco and San Luis-based KW’ITOL, two Mexican artists who met through a mutual friend in Guadalajara and even living so far from each other decided to join forces and create music together: “Aceite De Mi Trailer” is the result of their first collaboration, a track “mostly done as a tongue-in-cheek experiment with a bunch of odd ideas incorporated and mixed with Acid House elements”, according to the boys themselves.

And they kept going: “The vocals on the track are based on us really just bullshitting around, imagining scenarios that have a double meaning, as our name suggests, about a truck driver and his love for girls, music and drugs”. After listening to the outcome of Suli & KW’ITOL’s imagination, El loco Kitschy Kitsch jumped on the truck, killed the driver and hit the gas! His interpretation of an already powerful original certainly is going to cause damages to the dance floor: The throbbing bassline, the enhanced acid layer and the additional FXs are meant to make you dance… a lot!

Double Meaning’s Teotihuacan EP brings six tracks divided into three originals and three remixes provided by Alvee and label bosses themselves Ali X X Ximena (SXDNS070) with Pvlomo (SXDNS098), besides the version we took to premiere ingeniously made by our Kitschy Kitsch (SXDNS078).

Special credits to AXM Audio Mastering.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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