031 // Kiwi – Suicide Pact

Days of Being Wild celebrates its 10th anniversary with a seminal compilation. We have the pleasure of premiering Kiwi's contribution to the party.

London electronic label Days Of Being Wild celebrates 10 years of existence with a compilation of commissioned tracks from an international cast of producers. Kiwi, Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s, daWad (SXDNS130), Jimi After, Middle Sky Boom, Offset, Franz Matthews, Nhar, Richard Norris, Club Bizarre (SXDNS043) and Days Of Being Wild themselves all contribute exclusive tracks to mark the end of a fine decade for the British label.

Days Of Being Wild was created in London at the end of 2009 by French expats Franz Kirmann and Jérome “Catalepsia” Bazzanella primarily as a platform to release the pair’s club orientated music. Fast Forward to 2019 and things have changed considerably. Jerome has since left the label and been replaced by Samuel Berdah of French techno noir duo Club Bizarre, taking over as A&R man (and in-house mastering engineer) and the label is now well-established in the electronic music world, releasing music from artists as varied as Fairmont, Kiwi, Justin Robertson, Nhar, Offset or Middle Sky Boom while commissioning remixes from the likes of It’s A Fine Line, Chloé, Marcus Marr or more recently Ewan Pearson, V and Fabrizio Mammarella.

This should already give a good picture of the kind of music Days Of Being Wild tend to release, slightly on the leftfield side of club music with roots in new wave and the slower side of contemporary disco. However, Sam and Franz have quite a wide taste in music and this has been reflected in some of the releases on the label such as the Detroit techno-influenced Najem Sworb, the post-classical duo Piano Interrupted, the filtered disco of ATTS or the psychedelic pop of Languages.

The track we chose to premiere – master Kiwi’s “Suicide Pact” – opens the multi-genre compilation with an imposing synthpop atmosphere. The bass line is simply savoury, and the melodic synth layer plus the percussive elements set the pace of a tune that is assuredly timeless.

And congratulations to the Days Of Being Wild crew! The label is simply incredible! Keep up the awe-inspiring work!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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