032 // Moderna Y Theus Mago – Red Room (Sara Zinger Remix)

Sara Zinger's remix for Moderna y Theus Mago's new release on Side UP Works is killer!

Side UP Works presents its 5th release. A very special one, because it brings the remixes of its acclaimed 2nd EP, fruit of the collaboration between Moderna and Theus Mago (SXDNS056). ‘Pesos Not Besos’ is taken by an incredible team of artists: Ewan Pearson, Justin Robertson, Cabaret Nocturne, Martin Noise (SXDNS143), Odd Oswald and Sara Zinger. A huge package with different sounds, 2 remixes per each original making a total of 6 banger tracks where you can find a version for every taste. Eclectic, dark, powerful and groovy. These are the words that perfectly describe how this release is.

The remix we chose to premiere is a BOMB! Sara Zinger set her wild influences free in this compelling interpretation. The enhancement of the imposing lyrics by the industrial elements is the most noticeable characteristic of her version.

Special credits to Rich Lane from Cotton Bud for the mastering.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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