035 // Daniel Monaco – Drifting Stars

Daniel Monaco brings a beautiful Italo Disco piece for his debut on Pizzico Records.

Ciao Fellini’s release for their 10th birthday was not a mere fling: Pizzico Records loves Italo Disco and the several tracks they have released so far which pay a tribute to this genre are proof of it, from Sare Havlicek’s cult-track “Dragon Flight” to MA Spaventi’s Italo Pop “Partire Ritornare”. With Daniel Monaco (SXDNS137) – aka Daniele Labbate – they did it again. Here it comes, their Christmas release with your Italo-ribbon!

Simple State EP, with its four tracks, two original and two remixes provided by Sauvage World (nu-disco pioneer Michele Tessadri and wild Luc Sauvage) and MA Spaventi (back on Pizzico in great shape), is a marriage of Italo Disco, Afro (some tunes evoke Celso Valli of Tantra) and analog drums, which goes hand in hand with plastic digital synth and highlights Daniel Monaco’s key transition from a one-man band to DJ/producer. Daniel Monaco started his music career as a professional bass player and toured with numerous big acts, one of them being UMEME, before becoming a solo artist. Daniel then created a burning fascination for Psychedelic Disco, 80s music, drum machines, synths and obscure sounds, which became the ingredients that formed Daniel Monaco: a melting pot for something he calls the “Cosmic Combination”.

The track we chose to premiere, “Drifting Stars”, is clearly a result of such a combination. The upbeat bass line, the rhythmic tabla-like percussion, the engaging sci-fi-themed FXs and the thrilling synth & lead layers create a true retro-space atmosphere. A must-have tune devoted to bringing some magic to the dance floor.

Kudos, Mr Monaco!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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