049 // Persona Feat. Guerra – Tocino (Original Mix)

If you still have not added Richmerch to the list of your favourite labels, it's about time! This track by Persona is all you need to understand why.

The ascending Mexican label Richmerch, in its second appearance on our platform, kicks off 2020 with the release of its “He We” compilation series, featuring four beefy and sturdy originals provided by a great team of Latino artists: Persona Feat. Guerra (Chile), Tyu (Mexico), Gameboyz (Spain/ SXDNS061) and SHIT (Argentina).

The premiered track is a delicious cured and smoked music treat: “Tocino” (bacon in Spanish) pairs perfectly with dance floors packed with partygoers/ravers in the need of a memorable moment that only a very special tune is able to provide. We asked Persona to share some insights about his collaboration with Guerra, and he kindly sent us a few words: “So Guerra and I met for a test of his brand new synth drum machine and quickly started a classic clappy jam with an acid bassline, but it sounded like a lot of things we heard before, so we started to tweak some knobs and suddenly it morphed into a weird percussive sound, then we added the pork lead sound for a nastier result, worthy for a Richmerch compilation which turned out to be a great release on our say”, he said.

For those who believe bacon improves mood, provides energy and protects the brain, Persona Feat. Guerra’s “Tocino” will definitely prove you right.

Special credits to Estuardo Flores aka Lusca (Los Fugazzi) for the mastering.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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