050 // Animam – OLA-01

ANIMAM makes his debut on the blooming and fresh label F&F Records.

F&F Records (Freaks and Fools Recs) is an up-and-coming and wide-ranging Mexico City label focused on many e-music genres, such as electro, EBM, techno and house music. It searches for the blend between the powerful beats and the evocative, emotional sounds of the past futures. With four releases so far, now it is the time to support and bring to life the work of another rising producer from their neighbourhood.

Daniel Romero aka ANIMAM (SXDNS083) brings in his new EP, RITM-05, a mix of breaks, atmospheres and progressions, a tribute to a classic progressive Mexican rock band, La Banda Elástica, in which his uncle used to play the sax back in the days. The track we chose to premiere, OLA-01, is an intense and soulful breakbeat tune full of acid textures, lively arpeggios and exquisite leads. An ode for the future, but still holder of a retro aura, which delivers a true trip through some of the many influences of this young and promising Mexican talent.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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